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Grand National Football Matches Heineken Cup

Horse Racing - MATAMATA (NZ)

Place/Show Only

Glass Slipper 8/13 Orphea 2/3 Aquilo 6/5
Avec Moi 2/1 Solomon 9/4 Elettra 9/4
Belle Hope 11/4 Culzean 3/1 Simply Classic 3/1
Roc Me 15/2 Kaharoa Rose 12/1 Scusa 16/1

Win Only

Glass Slipper 11/4 Orphea 3/1 Aquilo 5/1
Avec Moi 8/1 Solomon 9/1 Elettra 9/1
Belle Hope 11/1 Culzean 12/1 Simply Classic 12/1
Roc Me 33/1 Kaharoa Rose 50/1 Scusa 66/1

Place/Show Only

Fashionably 8/13 Misty Music 8/11 Hot In High Heels 10/11
Rosso Corsa 1/1 Darci Deniro 3/1 Don Blanco 3/1
Chachi Arcola 3/1 Battle Royal 4/1 Rodmar 5/1
Brookbars 7/1 Leica Warrior 15/2 Keen To Keeper 10/1

Win Only

Fashionably 3/1 Misty Music 10/3 Hot In High Heels 4/1
Rosso Corsa 4/1 Darci Deniro 12/1 Don Blanco 12/1
Chachi Arcola 12/1 Battle Royal 18/1 Rodmar 22/1
Brookbars 28/1 Leica Warrior 33/1 Keen To Keeper 40/1